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Aches & Pains


Mastering migraine headaches 

Headaches are one of the most common ailments diagnosed and treated by physicians. In the United States, nearly 18% of women and 6% of men experience migraine headaches. In addition to medication, many techniques have been found to be successful in reducing both the duration and intensity of migraine headache pain. Usually, these methods are most effective when used at the onset of a migraine or headache.

Well-Being Webinars

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Fighting Inflammation to Reduce Pain

Thursday, September 9 at 1 PM ET

Chronic inflammation has been linked to health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and more. Research is showing that one of the best ways to reduce inflammation lies not in the medicine cabinet, but in the refrigerator. During this webinar you will learn how inflammation affects the body, foods that fight inflammation and healthy tips to help prevent inflammation and pain.

Toolkits are published monthly and include new resources on a specific wellness topic. 
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