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Hydration Challenge

Brought to you by Thrive

The Hydration Challenge will take place July 1-31

Ready to get started? 
Download the BINGO card HERE!

Grand Prize - 3 Chances to WIN!

To be entered in the drawing for a chance to win $50, you must complete at least two full BINGO options. A BINGO is considered completing 5 activities in a row - across, down or diagonal. Complete the entire BINGO card and you will get 10 extra submissions to win!

Submit BINGO cards HERE by August 7.

Spot prizes!

Share photos and favorite hydration tips or recipes HERE as you complete boxes for a chance to win random spot prizes! Please know any photos or healthy tips submitted for spot prizes will be shared below.

Congrats to our first spot prize winners! 

Tiffany Patterson - North Carolina 

Dorothy Bouck - Indiana

More spot prizes to come, submit pictures and healthy hydration tips here

for your chance to win!

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