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Spooky Spirit Week 2021 

Jack O' Lantern

Monday (25th) | Pumpkin Lovers Unite!

Bring in your favorite pumpkin or squash-based food to share with teammates. Muffins, breads, coffee, soup, pancakes, anything goes. Working remotely? Share your favorite recipe and pictures for others to try! 

Submit your picture or recipe here!

Halloween String Lights

Tuesday (26th) | Decorate Your Space

Decorate your home office, cubicle or health center to showcase your spookiness and get yourself, team, and patients in the spirit!

Waste Away Clinic.jpg

Wednesday (27th) | Carve/Decorate Your Pumpkin

Whether it is carved, painted or decorated, submit a photo of your decorated pumpkin. In a health center? Bring your pumpkin in for your patients to vote on throughout the week.

Submit your photo here! 

Winner will be determined by HR and will receive an Everside Health Swag bag!


Thursday (28th) | Mummy Wrap Your Provider

In a health center? Mummy wrap your provider. Corporate office or remote team member? Mummy wrap yourself, a family member or your boss. 

Get creative with your wrapping of choice, creativity is a plus!

Submit your photo here!

Image by Jose Martinez

Friday (29th) | Costume Contest 

Wear costume attire! Do it solo or have a group theme. Submit your pictures by Sunday, October 31st. Voting will open the week of November 1st, check back for updates. 

Submit your costume photo here!

1st Place Prize: $75 Amazon Gift card 

2nd Place Prize: $50 Amazon Gift card

3rd Place Prize: $25 Amazon Gift card

Pumpkin Lovers Unite

Carve/Decorate Your Pumpkin

Mummy Wrap Your Provider/Boss