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Well-Being Webinar Series 

Everside Health is hosting Well-Being Webinars on the second Thursday of every month at 1 PM ET/11 AM MT. The webinar series is designed to support you in making healthy lifestyle changes and learning about new health and well-being topics.

Upcoming Webinars 

Gut Health: A Key to a Thriving Body and mind

Thursday, August 12 at 1 PM ET

Did you know that gut health affects systems throughout your body? It is the gateway to your immune health, mental health, hormone health, metabolism and liver function. The good news is the right food, fitness and lifestyle choices can have a significant impact on our digestive health. By healing your gut, you could also impact your anxiety and depression, joint pain, blood sugar and more.  Join us to discover:

  • What is the gut microbiome

  • The gut - brain connection

  • Nutrients needed to build the immune system & ways to support gut health 


Additional 2021 Well-Being Webinars coming soon!

August | Impact of Stress on Your Gut
September | Preventing Aches & Pains
| Maintain Not Gain

November| Prediabetes & Diabetes
December| Gratitude 

Webinars at Your Fingertips

"We first make our habits, and then our habits make us"

~John Dryden

From online shopping to constant social media updates, our habits have changed over the last year. If you have a habit and are thinking about making a change, we are here to help. Join us to learn more about:  

  • The science of habits

  • Reshaping our routines and our environments to support change

  • Creating healthy habits that stick

Movement as Medicine. 

How to make physical activity a priority in our busy lives!

Understand what physical activity can do for your mental and physical well-being. Identify opportunities to increase physical activity throughout the day and set your mind to exercising more. Plus, hear some tips that will help you succeed and MOVE MORE every day!

Protect the Skin You're In!

With skin being the largest organ in the body, make sure you are doing everything that you can to protect your skin and keep it healthy. Watch now to learn what you can do each day through positive lifestyle behaviors to keep your skin healthy, looking younger, and ways to spot signs of skin cancer.

Finding Your Flow. Living a Life that Feels Good! 

Flow is one of life’s highly enjoyable states of being, wrapping us entirely in the present, and helping us be more creative, productive, and happy. Here you’ll find some information on the background of the Flow concept, its significant role in positivity, and ways you can achieve Flow in your daily life. 

Healthy Snacks for Work & Play 

Having health promoting snacks to eat during workdays and play-days can help you stay energized. Americans of all ages are snacking more now than ever before. Many find themselves looking for snack ideas that are easy to prep, healthy, and portable. In some cases, snacks are even replacing meals and can be prompted not by hunger, but by impulse. Join us for a food demo and tips to get the most out of snacking!

Hear Your Heart, Heart Your Health

Your heart is the most important muscle in your body because it pumps blood and oxygen to all of your organs. When your heart doesn’t get the care it needs, serious problems can develop in the lining of the arteries, which then lead to plaque formation.  Luckily, there’s a  lot you can do to lower your risk through healthy lifestyle choices. In honor of American Heart Month, hear more:
-    How the heart works
-    Tools to keep an eye on your heart health
-    What you can do today to live a heart healthy lifestyle

Good Nights, Great Days! 

Did you ever dream sleep has such an impact?

When we are well rested, we feel better, both physically and mentally. Sleep quality and quantity affects blood sugar control and diabetes, the health of our heart and blood vessels, mood, weight management and more!
 During this webinar, you will learn:
- Why we sleep
- How sleep affects other areas of our health
- Strategies to help get healthy quality and quantity sleep

Balancing the Weight

Strategies to maintain during the holiday season. 

Beyond physical activity and nutrition, learn how sleep and coping with stress are critical elements to finishing out the year at your healthiest.

Know Your Numbers

Annual exams help you take charge of your health. 

Understand what’s so important about annual exams and what your biometric screening results really mean. Small changes each day can have huge impacts on your health, even if you have inherited tendencies toward out of range biometric values.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why are biometric numbers important?

  • What do they mean?

  • Actions you can take to impact your numbers.

Preventing Aches & Pains

Roughly 1 in 3 people live with a musculoskeletal pain condition. 

This sort of pain can significantly limit mobility and lifestyle. Find out what you can do at work and at home to help keep muscles, joints and tendons happy!

Sugar & Spice Holiday Food Demo

Nourish your body and soul.

Join us for how-to tips on smarter choices and cooking strategies for adapting sugar-laden holiday recipes. Hear sensible ideas to help you navigate family gatherings and parties this season - the healthy way. 

Mind Your Mindset

In every challenge lives a greater opportunity.

Identify ways to build tiny habits and reframe your thoughts to focus on growth and learning orientation, while maintaining self-compassion. 

Boost Your Physical Well-Being
You deserve it: make physical activity a priority!

Learn how to make physical activity a priority. Understand what physical activity can do for you. Identify opportunities to increase physical activity throughout the day with outdoor activities, bodyweight exercises and everyday housework. Plus, hear some tips that will help you succeed and MOVE MORE every day!

Tending Your Mental Health

Feeling stretched? 

Learn key principles and practice simple mindfulness and relaxation techniques for caring for your own self. See the benefits of having an attitude of gratitude, and ways to incorporate gratitude into your daily life. We will review ways to help you manage stress well and become aware of additional resources for your personal journey. 

Navigating the Holidays

Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday season!

Hear ways to navigate the holidays to help you keep your health, wealth and happiness over the holiday season. We will explore ways you can thrive through the holidays in a healthy way through moving more, making healthy food swaps, having an attitude of gratitude, and ways to sleep soundly.

Use Tobacco? Sometimes Wish You Didn't??

Curious about what it would really take to quit tobacco?

Becoming tobacco free can be challenging! If you are curious about what it would really take to quit tobacco, join us to learn the reasons why this habit is so difficult to conquer. We will review strategies to cut down or stop to help keep lungs as healthy as possible.